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Broadcast Communications Media has partnered with i2Communications for all Information Technology needs.

Companies around the world are leveraging the Internet to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is putting your company's products on the desktops of key customers or streamlining your business processes, i2Communications delivers the expertise to develop and execute a complete Web strategy.

In addition to developing world-class Web solutions, i2Communications can help you Web-enable strategic applications that improve access, delivery, and integration across existing enterprise systems. You can leverage our real-world experience in developing these solutions to bring expertise to your organization quickly and efficiently.

| i2Communications can help you with all kinds of Web-based applications, including :
  • Web Infrastructure Design and Maintenance
    i2Communications can help you develop and maintain your Internet infrastructure for both external and internal applications by leveraging leading technologies, industry expertise, and significant experience with Web-based solutions.
  • Electronic Commerce Systems
    i2Communications can assist with the creation of online stores with secure transactions and payment capabilities over the Web. By efficiently managing communications and transactions among all entities, your organization will slash transaction costs, reduce inventory costs, and improve profitability.
  • Customer Self Service Applications
    Helping customers help themselves increases customer satisfaction and reduces the costs of call centers and support personnel. I2Communications can assist in designing and implementing Web-based self service applications that reduce the burden on your customer service organization.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    i2Communications can help you automate procurement, purchase orders, billing, invoicing, and statement viewing using the latest EDI applications and technology.
Our Consultants have extensive knowledge in all leading Internet technologies, including Java programming, 3GL development, application servers, messaging, and database connectivity and administration. We also leverage technical partners such as BEA WebLogic, Oracle and Sun to provide the best technical resources