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It wasn't long ago that many of the dotcom startups and new internet companies were trying to develop brand awareness and growth for their business by using traditional offline media such as print ads, outdoor billboards, radio, and television!

These offline advertising mediums may have been somewhat effective, but didn't necessarily generate cost effective Return on Investment for the company!

It became clear that these marketing dollars were not generating enough sales, and in many cases contributed to the failure of these companies!

Today, more and more companies realize that marketing products and services is all about being cost effective and accountable to a return on investment for media dollars spent, whether offline or online. Companies are much more aware of their online marketing efforts today, and constantly need to evaluate how effective the campaign is, whether using search engine optimization, search engine placement, banner ads, email campaigns and blog comment spam. Internet marketers, like offline marketing, constantly need to test and be conservative with spending until they can evaluate what is most cost effective for the client or the business!

Broadcast Communications Media is very aware of how offline direct response advertising like television, radio, and print, can not only sell product, but generate significant online sales!

Today, these online sales become critical to a company's overall success, and also help to develop an entire new customer base that may have never responded to other traditional media!

Broadcast Communications Media understands the value of driving traffic to a company website with both offline and online marketing, and has the knowledge and relationships with internet marketing companies and offline media that can help improve product sales and distribution!.